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Stress & poor health can reduce social connections and confidence, while absenteeism & loss of productivity can impact a businesses ability to flourish. Working with, or providing access to, a stress management & health coach, can provide positive outcomes for you and your company.

health coaching

One-to-one coaching allows us to focus on whatever it is that the individual needs to work on. As a coach, I help individuals manage stress, create healthier nutrition & exercise habits and understand their sleep and recovery patterns.

My role is to support people as they make sustainable change, empowering individuals to understand what is going on right now and helping them shift their thinking and behaviour, as they navigate their way through the process of change.  

Need space for reflection and the opportunity to make a change?

real talk:

How It Works

We always begin with a 30 minute exploratory call. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions & make sure we are a good fit.

the exploratory chat

Following our exploratory chat, a welcome pack is provided along with any assessments that may have been identified. 

making a

Coaching sessions last for up to 45 minutes. Depending on the needs of the individual, we may set new goals, build on successes or learn from any setbacks.



As an occupational health psychologist, I believe that data is key!

During our sessions, I may ask my coachees to complete in-depth stress, dietary or lifestyle assessments that are relevant to issues identified. I am a certified provider for Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments (individual and team assessments are available at additional cost).

This data will provide clarity about where we are starting from, allow us to create bespoke strategies and measure results.

data data data

Do you want ...

time to focus on your professional goals

Coaching can help individuals approach work with a clear mind and all the energy they need to succeed, making them sharper and more productive.

to work on your health & wellbeing

Stress Management & Health Coaching provides individuals with the knowledge, tools and accountability that they need to create a sustainable, happy & health life. 

freedom to do what you're great at

By understanding where they want to be and the values that are important to them, we can utilise your own or your team's strengths to help them navigate to their destination.

Feeling Stressed?


Stress, are you feeling it? Challenge (that we feel we can cope with, even if it is a bit difficult) is great - it makes us feel alive and achieve things. Stress is different. Once it moves away from that useful immediate response to threat and becomes chronic, then there are a whole host of problems that come with it!

Work is a hotspot for stress, whether you are a senior exec or a more junior employee, the causes may be different but the end result is always the same: poor health, sick leave and maybe, more seriously, burnout.

So, how do we know if we are experiencing too much stress? Do you feel:

tired all the time?
that you have chest pain or trouble breathing?

These can all be signs of stress. The great news is that through stress management coaching, I can help you to address it. We do this by identifying triggers, noticing and questioning your thoughts, teaching you to avoid those thinking traps, building balance and setting boundaries.

Stress management coaching is highly effective, you may even only need a single session. Once you have the tools you need, you will be able to use them effectively whenever you recognise that stress is becoming a problem.

Why Coaching?

You want to be clear about where you are and where you want to be

You are willing to look at what has been holding you back

YOu WANT support to make positive change, personally or professionally

You are ready to commit to a solid strategy

you're ready TO CHANGE!

Coaching can be a very personal thing and to facilitate employee access our services anonymously, companies are provided with their own unique booking code. This booking code is attached to an agreed number of sessions for an agreed number of employees. For example, you may choose to purchase 3 sessions for up to 10 employees. You are provided with a monthly update about how many employees have requested sessions and how many of these sessions have been used. Additional sessions can be purchased at any time.

If you would like to book individual coaching, please get in touch to have an informal chat to discuss your needs.

How it works ...

is that a yes?

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"Practising the behaviour change techniques has completely changed my outlook towards myself & work. I am more confident and engaged at work, healthier and looking forward to my next session!"


Yes, It Really Works

"You were non-judgmental and I felt comfortable being open with you. I thought doing the role plays was really beneficial and a great way to put learning into practice"