Hi, i'm Roz, an occupational health psychologist and coach. I believe that we should all be able to flourish at work, stop experiencing unhealthy levels of stress and feel full of energy & motivation to achieve our goals. I offer health & stress management coaching to individuals and companies. I will also be using my blog to provide information about key areas within Occupational Health Psychology. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!


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We all spend lots of time at work and it's important that we make this time pay dividends for our individual health & wellbeing and also for the sustainable success of our organisations. Accessing stress management and health coaching can help to improve individual health outcomes, increase productivity and boost employee engagement.

As a coach who specialises in Occupational Health, psychology & Management, I help individuals and companies understand and manage the impact of workplace stress, nutrition & exercise and recovery. All key areas for vitality!

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Positive Psychology?

Psychology has traditionally had a focus on a medical model of wellbeing, looking at what is wrong and trying to fix it. This approach has many benefits, but it does overlook the fact that fixing what is wrong, will not automatically create wellbeing.

By integrating principles of positive psychology into my coaching, I attempt to address not only ways that we can prevent issues, but also how we can enhance those positive factors that will help us flourish.

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Besides the general health benefits, working with a coach is a great way to increase performance, stop flagging & feel more relaxed. By providing access to coaching, businesses can benefit from increased productivity, reduced absenteeism & higher levels of morale. I genuinely care about harmony & balance, both personally and professionally, and my coaching is built on these two core foundations.


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“The resilience coaching masterclass has awakened me as a leader. I need to help my team more.”

Following the design and implementation of an online resilience coaching masterclass that included a bespoke model of resilience: